Friday, December 30, 2011

How to Get Premium Customer Service for Free

This is a follow-up to my last post.
Here I was thinking that Comcast and I had finally gone on our separate ways, when the letter from the collections agency arrived. The next day, the collections agency called to ask when I would making a payment - or else.
So, I contacted my new friends at the Executive Customer Service. The moment the receptionist answered the phone with "hello, how can I help you" I knew I had passed through to  the land of the privileged. Her helpful, cheerful tone augured a quick resolution of the problem. She closed my account with a zero balance. She called off the collections agency.  She accepted my version without challenge.
It only took a couple of minutes and was completely painless.

Lessons learned:
1. The rich and powerful have a separate customer service that spares them the time and energy we put into dealing with corporate customer service.
2. The rest of us too can get preferred treatment too. All you have to do is write a blogpost. The corporations will do whatever it takes to make your negative blog go away.


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