Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hamas Command Flies to Israel ?

The 'flotilla' gave birth to a 'flytilla.' The successful blocking of most of the Gaza flotilla through the sabotage of two of the boats in Athens and Israeli/American pressure on the Greek government to prevent the U.S (and other) boats from leaving the harbor put most of the Gaza flotilla out of commission.

The Israeli authorities are in a tizzy over the "flytilla", the campaign of pro-Palestinian activists to fly to Israel en route to the West Bank. 500 policemen filled Israel's International airport and Israelis verbally attacked suspected activists. Even a reporter for the right-wing Jerusalem Post was shocked by the mob behavior at Israel's showcase portal to the world.

Oh, and the title of this blogpost comes from an oddity of the Hebrew language:
The Israeli term for the flytilla is (literally) "the protest airlift" "matas hamecha'ah". מטס המחאה . I mis-read the headline in the Israeli paper Haaretz because these two words are a perfect anagram for "mateh hahamas" מטה החמאס, which means "The Hamas Command."

To look at the frenzied response, it might as well have been, except that Israel does not the people of Gaza to leave, least of all the Hamas command.

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