Monday, May 16, 2011

Israel vs. the Jews

In advance  of his trip to the States, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu laid out his new plan for peace. He spoke from the Knesset podium in Jerusalem.

First the soundbite:
Israel would be prepared to compromise and cede parts of our homeland for true peace with the Palestinians
A Palestinian government that comprises representatives of Hamas and refuses to recognize that Israel is the state of the Jewish People is not a partner for peace.
But Netanyahu's own government enforces as system that invalidates his own criterion. The State of Israel per Netanyahu's government is not the state of the Jewish People.

It is fair to day that the State of Israel is constituted as as the state of the Israeli Jewish people.
This state's laws and institutions grant superior privileges to Israeli Jews over, and at the expense of, non-Jewish Israeli citizens.
As an American Jew, my religious rights in the State of Israel are inferior to those of Israeli Jews.
The State's actions in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon are not recognizably Jewish to me.

As such, I do not recognize in the State  Israel the "State of the Jewish People" of the Israeli leader's statement. Whether you define Jewish as a set of morals or a tribe, the State of Israel does not fit the definition.

So why not meet with Hamas? Hamas in Gaza was democratically elected and enjoys the trust of their people. Now, they have agreed to share power with the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank.

This is a golden opportunity for Israel to reach an agreement with all the Palestinians.

But Netanyahu wants peace-and-quiet not peace and justice.

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