Monday, April 11, 2011

David's Slingshot

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu showing off the new Iron Dome system
Israeli defense officials just ordered four new "Iron Dome" missile defense system. Israel is planning to export the system to other countries.
I'm happy Israelis from Ashdod to Beersheba and Tel Aviv will sleep easier under the protection of this system, but I have some questions:
1) Defense Minister Ehud Barak agreed to fund the system with the understanding that it will destroy "90% of all incoming missiles." This has not yet been demonstrated. Even if that high number is achieved, what then? Won't the Gazans who do this kind of thing just find another violent way to vent their anger and desperation?
2) Israeli military types have a penchant for cuteness. Such was the murderous onslaught on Gaza's population that was given the name "Cast Lead." This, as has been pointed out many times, was lifted from a classic, Zionist Hanukka song. In the song it's a dreidl - not a missile - that is made of cast lead.
Now, the missiles in the Iron Dome system have been named "David's Slingshot." Nothing illustrates the Israeli establishment's warped grasp of reality than to cast itself as David and Gaza as the Goliath.
In dollar amounts, each of the Gazan rockets costs several hundred dollars. That explains why they are so wildly inaccurate. By contrast, the Israeli missiles cost upwards of $70,000 each. The system itself costs in the tens of millions.
The next four batteries will cost $205m. All paid for by the US taxpayer, in addition to the regular annual $3b military payments to the Israeli military.

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  1. Don't forget that the Hebrew "kipat barzel" can also mean iron kippah.