Monday, November 22, 2010

Worker Justice in the Business Section

The campaign for worker justice at the Hyatt and other hotels in Chicago which I've been active in since the summer and have written about received a boost from the Chicago Tribune over the weekend. The Trib covered the interfaith protest of 70 religious leaders and 100 workers on November 4. We appeared with a color photo on the cover of the Trib's business section

The article provides good context and is available here. I have tried to post the scanned hardcopy so you can see the pictures (which are not available in the online edition), but, apparently, there is a general glitch in the software. Please comment here if you want to receive a scanned image by e-mail.

This prominent coverage has already triggered some good conversations for me. I look forward to a dialog with folks who know more about business than I ever will.

What is the real bottom line in dealing with people as workers?

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  1. America has grown its economy through capitalism. If the workers want to do better, let them try find another job.
    It's up to the workers and management to hammer out a deal. I don't think union hired guns should get in the middle of that. I don't think clergy should not be getting into politics. What about parishioners who disagree with you?